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Tech4Kids is a non-profit organization providing the necessary software and technological tools needed to support a remote academic learning environment for kids to succeed. 



As remote learning becomes increasingly pervasive in our society, its role in the educational process is vital. Technology is an empowering teaching and learning tool. Providing kids with the technology that may not be available to them in their homes allows them the opportunity to explore, to solve problems, to express individual creativity, and to accomplish real world tasks. 

Tech4Kids will repurpose used laptops, iPads, and MacBooks. All donations are given to children that do not have access to technology in their home. Children will have a device for remote learning, homework help, online tutoring and to use as a counseling tool for mental health. Tech4Kids also will mentor children in aspects such as computer use, troubleshooting and skills to ensure that internet safety is a priority.


You can help Tech4Kids by donating:


  • Laptops

  • iPads

  • MacBook

  • Charitable donation



We also accept charitable donations to support Tech4Kids. 


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