By donating your company or personal equipment you are providing an opportunity for children to learn remotely, do homework, and access resource materials that they would not otherwise have access too.  During this pandemic two influential women in IT were discussing how it could be possible that so many children in our area schools did not have access to technology in their homes and decided to do something about it. That is when Tech4Kids was formed.


Please reach out to us and we will come to you and pickup your equipment. We ask that it be no older than 5 years old and has at least windows 10 or a mac operating system.  This will ensure that children if need be due to illness, underlying conditions, or even to be home-schooled have access to technology in their homes that otherwise would not. 

Tech4Kids will generously take any charitable donation.  Please reach out to us on how to do so. We are so very grateful for you consideration and for helping make a difference in a child's life! 

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